Saturday, October 25, 2008

inspired by stefan...

From my favorite kid's show EVER, "Between the Lions." There was a sketch on this show with Dr. Ruth, the famous sex therapist, acting as a word therapist. 

the trees are always redder...

It's fall in Oregon. Well, it's fall everywhere north of the equator, of course, but it's really fall in Oregon. I really, really love autumn in Oregon. Everything about them: the rain, the smell of dead leaves, the color, the sound of tires on wet pavement. It seems ridiculous to be missing the rain when I live in what is commonly considered paradise, but there you have it. I miss home. 

This church is about fifteen minutes away from my college. I drove past it every day. My life was really hard. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new job new blog oh my oh my

Hooray! After five weeks of feeling weighed down by enforced uselessness I have finally found a job. Not just any job, either: it may sound silly, but I have always wanted to work at a bookstore.

How's that for ambition, huh? So I was thrilled just all to bits when Erin, the very 
nice manager at Borders, surprised me by asking for an interview right then and there with herself and Darryl, the head honcho store manager. Some of the grueling interview questions:
*What's your favorite book?
*What are your three favorite movies? 
*What was the last CD you bought?
It was exhausting. Anyway, I start on Monday. I'll be making a ridiculously low wage 
doing something (knock on wood or, in the absence of wood, something that kind of looks like wood) that I might just really like. And the best part? I mentioned
that I liked working with kids and Erin asked if I'd
be willing to help set up a weekly storytime. Love it.