Sunday, December 21, 2008

five good things...

So, I know I haven't blogged lately. Sorry! But you know how you don't blog (or write in your journal) for a while, and then you're too intimidated by all the stuff you have to catch up on to do it? Well, a lot has happened in the last month. So rather than write about all of it, here are five things (chosen, basically, by the pictures that were easily accessible on my desktop) that have happened recently. 

1. Mark was here!!! So, Grandpa died. That sucked. But the funeral allowed Cassidy and I see to Mom and Mark, and that was--well, a little awkward, but mostly awesome. I'm very proud of Mark. He's a quirky, loving, smart, weird, wonderful kid. I'm a big fan. 

2. Portland. I've finally decided to move back, and while there's a lot that has to happen before I can move, I'm really looking forward to going home. The Northwest is my favorite place in the world, conveniently filled with some of my favorite people (more on that shortly). Three weeks ago I flew up and surprised Ross for a day (he was giving a talk in Sacrament meeting). It was a great trip. It's a great city.  

3. Anthropologie. Nothing much to say here: I just really, really love this store. No, really. 

4. Fort. Ross has been here a couple of times since I last posted. The weekend after Grandpa's Utah funeral he flew down. We went to Disneyland (his first time ever) and California Adventure, both of which were deeply awesome. My favorite part of the weekend, though, was building a fort in the living room. This is it. Feel free to admire. 

5. Ross. I've seen him three times in the last month and a half, and each time has been fantastic. He's coming down on Christmas day and I can't wait. I haven't been this excited for Christmas since I was a little kid.