Sunday, January 11, 2009

raising the white flag...

I've tried valiantly to avoid making too many lists on this blog, as they don't offer the creative challenge I feel I should submit myself to, given my degree and all. But this one I just couldn't resist. After all, 2008 was a year of lists for me (unlike every other year... only not); ergo, I suppose this feels somewhat appropriate. So, without further ado: 

2008: A Year In Bulletpoints

Q: What did you do in 2008 that you had never done before?
A: I went rock climbing on a real, legitimate, moss-covered wall. 

Q: Did you keep your New Year's resolutions?
A: Never, alas, alas. 

Q: What would you like to have in '09 that you didn't have in '08?
A: A studio apartment of my very own. Also, maybe a canary.

Q: What dates from '08 will remain etched upon your memory? 
A: Election day (what is that... the 20th of November? Dates are not my thing). Also, May 31st. 

Q: Did you suffer from any injury?
A: Bit of a broken heart, but it healed quickly. 

Q: Best thing someone bought for you as a gift?
A: A rosemary topiary. Best gift ever.

Q: Where did most of your money go?
A: To the races. No, actually, a sizable majority went to Christmas. Like every year.

Q: What did you get really excited about?
A: The election of (soon-to-be) president Barack Obama. Also (it must be said) the engagement of Jim and Pam. 

Q: What song will always remind you of 2008?
A: It's a toss-up tie between "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie and "Yes We Can" by... a whole bunch of people, really.

Q: Favorite TV shows of 2008?
A: "The Office," obviously. Also "30 Rock," "Battlestar Galactica," and "The Daily Show." Also (and I'm not sure if this counts), "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."
Q: What was your greatest musical discovery?
A: Ross Dewey.

Q: Best book you read this year?
A: Questions like this make me profoundly uneasy. I read a lot. 

Q: Favorite film of the year?
A: Wall-E. Possibly the most quietly daring film I've ever seen (although a special nod to the inimitable Molly Pettis for introducing me to the haunting and memorable The Lives of Other People).

Q: Describe your fashion concept of '08:
A: "Maybe if I continue to dress like I'm from Portland no one will mistake me for an Orange County trophy wife... since that's so clearly a danger."
Q: What celebrities did you fancy the most?
A: "Fancy?" Kate Winslet, probably (although I haven't seen either of her two most recent films). Also, I fell madly, head-over-heels in love with Tina Fey this year. 

Q: Who do you miss?
A: This is a surprisingly poignant question. First of all, I miss Grandpa. I'm very grateful for the time I got to spend with him before he died, although the words written on the screen do a very poor job of conveying the way I actually feel. Second, I miss Amy, who died at the age of 22 from cancer. Amy and I graduated as creative writing majors together. We were never especially close (I can't claim that, which I regret), but we were friendly. She was--is--one of the most alive people I have ever met, and a truly, truly terrific writer. Third, I miss everyone in the Northwest. You know who you are. 

Q: What countries did you visit in 2008?
A: Orange County. 

Q: Biggest achievement?
A: Breaking up with Brian and graduating from college. 

Q: Did you fall in love in 2008?
A: You betcha. With life, with Portland, with the zoo (and the baby elephant Sam), with rock climbing, and--especially--with Ross. 

Q: What's one thing that would have made your year more satisfying?
A: Honestly? Not a damn thing. Happy New Year. 


cdr said...

You said "Damn." You're naughty. I like it.

nicole said...

No way. You watch BSG? I thought Gilbert and I were the only geeks who watched that show. We are finishing Season 4 right now... no spoilers please. :)