Saturday, April 25, 2009

farmer's market love

Today I went to the Portland Farmer's Market and, for a slim $20, acquired the following:
1 Pain du biologique aux olives (Apparently, that's organic bread with olives) 1 bundle of asparagus, containing approximately a dozen stalks;
10 daffodils;
1 quarter-pound bag of spinach;

6 sticks of honey, and a package of lamb riblets (for which I could not find a picture).

I love the Farmer's Market. And it loves me.

*Photos borrowed (stolen) from the following sources: bread, asparagus, spinach, daffodils, honey.


cdr said...

I always love a good farmer's market. Portland has some fantastic ones, if I remember correctly. (Though that concession does not in any way mean my opinion on the great northwest has softened.)

nicole said...

Can't wait until the berries hit the farmers markets. I think I eat a pint while I am browsing, a pint on the way home, and a couple of pints the rest of the day.

Wow -- cdr is a hard core Oregon- hater.

cdr said...

That's a lot of berries Nicole.

Diarrhea chh chh, Diarrhea chh chh...walkin' down the hall, see it on the wall...

I don't hate Oregon...I just like other places a lot better.