Wednesday, March 11, 2009

for i am the pirate king

As I was killing a marginal amount of time today I came across these photos, all of which are from plays I appeared in at Theatre in the Grove, my very favorite community theater ever. While certainly not the most professional, well-financed, or well-organized theater I've ever worked with, these people were like my family for my first two years of college. I miss them very much, and if I ever find time (more likely, I suppose, if I quite killing it) I'd love to work with them again.

This is from Little Women. The script was terrible, but the cast was a joy.

These next three photos are from South Pacific, in which I played Ensign Nellie Forbush (can that really be right?). The dapper-looking gentleman with the turban is my dear friend David McHarg, who sprung my first stage kiss on me in our very first rehearsal (picture not shown).
My last show to date with Theatre in the Grove was The Pirates of Penzance. I was a pirate. Obviously.


cdr said...

Nice pics. So when exactly did you chop all of your hair off?

Ward Jenkins said...

Hi Haylie, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you re: my image for your blog banner. Been so busy lately! Anyways, I couldn't find your email. You can email me by going to my Blogger profile page. Let's talk!