Thursday, April 30, 2009

my house... is a veryveryvery nice house

See? I promised that I would be a more consistent blogger once I got a camera, and I am trying to deliver. About a month ago I put an ad on Craig's List advertising my availability as a roommate. I was actually pretty floored by the response I got (apparently, in the current economic climate a lot of people are looking to pad out the old income), and after interviewing with a bunch of people I finally moved into my new place last week. I love my house and my roommates. I live with this fantastic married couple. His name is Humberto. He's 33 (?) and from Peru. Her name is Lucyna. She's 24 and from Poland, and they are both incredibly nice and laidback. They met while Lucyna was studying abroad in Peru, and two weeks later he asked her to move in with them. I don't have a picture yet, but Lucyna is stunningly beautiful (like all Polish women, apparently... thanks, Ross!). Plus, their house looks like Ikea. And they have wireless internet. And they like my fish. Life is good.

Sugar (cukier) and rice (ryz), in Polish. Lucyna says Ross speaks Polish with a pretty decent accent. I'm so proud.

The only thing prettier than the quince tree in the backyard is Bono the fish.


dallas and Kim said...

Your place looks so cute! Does it come with an adress where you can receive mail? Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. You can give it to me then!

Jessica said...

Hi Haylie,

I have an invitation for you to Nicole Dewey's baby shower but she's been forgetting to get your address for weeks! So if you could send it to me, I'll send you an invite. Thanks!

Jessica Fuhriman